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So you have your story ready for the world to read. In short, ready to be published. You are definitely on the right track. Today, get your story published without the hassles and the looong waiting game.

Here are the processes in getting your book published:
  1. Encoding - The submission of a manuscript should be in a word processing application, preferrably Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  2. Editing - The editor does their job, returned to you and if ever, we meet to discuss and come out with a well-oiled piece.
  3. Design - We then have the designer create the cover and interior. The design of the book is decided by the publisher and author.
  4. Proofs - There will be three rounds of proofs (samples which the author can review, highlight and annotate).
  5. Production - The printing commences when all materials are approved.
While, we get those out of the way, we will be working on the following:
  • ISBN (Internation Standard Book Number) - This is an internationally recognized system that assigns code numbers for easy identification and speedy exchange of information between publishers, allied sectors, and all segments of the book industry.
  • Copyright Registration - The definition is intellectual property that protects the rights of the creators and authors of artistic and literally works.
The final process is the printing:
  • Photography
  • Blueprinting
  • Platemaking to Printing
  • Binding to Finishing
  • Packing