As author or as an aspiring author, writing and publishing a book in your lifetime, is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

You have created something unique and exquisite. A literary work that your readers will cherish forever. Now you want this to reach the world and your readers. If you want an ebook format, you have to check here.

So what comes with publishing a book?
  • Editing - proofreading and/or copy editing
  • Formatting - This includes the format of the fonts, chapter title, page numbers and so on.
  • Cover Design - design of the front and back cover including the book spine.
Specifications checklist
  • Dimensions - What size will your book measure? What orientation? The book size you want is dependent on your choosing.
  • Quantity - How many books to wish to be printed? The number you desire is up to you and your target market. If it is for a private group, then you can determine how many books you want printed. If it is for an open market, then you can do an estimation of how many books you want printed.
  • Page Count - This refers to the number of pages in a book, every single page. Yes, you read it right. A sheet represents two pages or sides.
  • Bindery Method - In determining what binding method is used, the page count plays a vital role. There are several types of book binding, they are perfect binding, saddle-stitch, spiral coil, Wire-O and Ringed Binders. We can help you make that determination.
  • Paper Type & Thickness - Texture, thickness and sheen level are characteristics you select for the book‘s cover and pages. These are dependent on two factors, first the intended appearance of the book, second is how durable will the book be.
  • Color & Placement of Ink - Is the book going to be produced in full-color pages with a full color cover? Or will the interior pages be printed in black ink?
  • Finishing & Delivery - Finishing operations would rely on what you want. Laminating, perforating, shrink-wrapping, or other special requirements. This will include delivery locations and requested delivery dates.

There are a lot of other factors that come with publishing your book. You could review the guidelines in publishing your book. You can review it here.